Pool Bright Pool Service
Licensed and Insured Lic #007908 / 633477
The professionals at Pool Bright Pool Service offer a full line of repairs on all of the equipment to keep your pool in peak operating condition. Our technicians will help you maximize the life of your of your pool equipment and come up with solutions that fits your need and budget. Call or Email us for a free evaluation and estimate.


Retail Solutions

Need a replacement part, pool sweep or pool toy? Call us first for all your pool needs! We have the buying power to beat the brick and mortar stores and save you money!


Repair Solutions 

  • Pool Sweeps
    • pool sweeps help maintain your pool between professional cleanings. Our techs are experienced on all types of pool sweeps and most repairs can be made on site.
  • Pool Pumps and Motors
    • the heart of your pool system, our techs diagnose the problem and can repair, replace or upgrade your equipment as needed  for years of trouble free operation
  • Pool Filters and Cartridges
    • whether cartridge, Sand or DE filter, a neglected filter media will deteriorate over time and should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.
    • the life of a cartridge filter is determined by many factors and may need to be replaced to achieve the full effectiveness of your system.
  • Pool Timers and Electronics
    • working timers and controllers are critical to a smooth pool operation. our techs can repair or replace most timer systems to ensure consistent filtration and cleaning.
  • Pipes, Plumbing, Valves
    • over time these items can crack, leak or fail. In most cases these repairs can be done in line and do not require a complete plumbing replacement.
  • Lighting
    • faulty lighting can limit the enjoyment of your pool drastically. our techs can repair, replace or upgrade your lighting for nighttime fun.
  • Equipment Parts and Supplies
    • Because we partner with the biggest pool suppliers in the area, we have immediate access to over 20,000 parts and supplies needed to maintain any pools equipment or needs.
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