Pool Bright Pool Service
Licensed and Insured Lic #007908 / 633477
Pool Inspections
The Professionals at Pool Bright Pool Service can offer you an in depth overview of the condition of your pool and all related components including pumps, electronics, filters, solar and salt generation. Our 60+ point inspection is customized for your pool and provides you piece of mind in the purchasing or selling process of your home. We currently work with several top real estate companies to ensure their buyers see the complete picture when selecting their home. Call us today at 916-749-0830 so that we may provide you the detailed information you need to be a savvy buyer or seller!

Why have Pool Bright Pool Service inspect your pool?
  • Our comprehensive inspection covers all aspects of your pool and equipment.
  • We are current on all Ca Specific requirements on equipment and safety.
  • Our inspections are covered poolside with owner or potential buyer for a clear understanding of the report and the ability to answer questions on site.
  • Estimates for necessary repairs are included in our report for your negotiations.
  • We have experience working with top real estate companies and understand their needs and expectations. 
  • We have worked with the house inspection process and can give professional advice and evaluation on all pool matters.
  • Pool Care and Maintenance is our business. One company for all of your pool service and repair needs.
  • Professionally uniformed techs and marked trucks represent your market home in a professional and quality manner. 
  • We are a licensed and insured company.

Pool Bright Pool Inspection $160

Call today to see how we can serve your needs and make sure your new home purchase is a informed one !

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